Arcos de Valdevez, a municipality of 36 parishes, with an area of ​​450 km2, retains all the charm characteristic of this region: green landscape, abundant freshness, sunny architecture and a river that mirrors all the vanity of a village steeped in history: the Vez river.

The natural advantages of a municipality of surprising geographical variety have made Arcos de Valdevez a destination of choice, offering an example of harmony between the natural protected area and the daily life of the people who occupy these lands.
Integrated in the mountainous complex of the Peneda Gerês National Park, the county has a diverse and interesting Natural Heritage, through the multiple irrigated areas and fertile lands provided by the river, as well as the existence of ample natural amphitheatres, opposing areas of mountains and of plain.

With its legendary village, with more than 9 centuries of history, Arcos de Valdevez holds an endless number of historical and ethnological monuments, which allow the visitor a unique experience. This vast and rich panorama constitutes the Historical and Cultural Architectural Heritage, where the sobriety of the mountains and valleys is allied to the beauty of the most diverse artistic manifestations. Castles, churches, towers, bridges, hermitages and vestiges of ancient civilizations, everything here can be discovered.